• filament, by Ferran Fages. Performance with Ferran Fages, Dafne Vicente-Sandoval and Angharad Davies. World premiere at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in November 24th, 2014. Laptop, programming (Pure Data). (2014)
  • architectural model making, graphical score by Sarah Hughes. Realization by Lali Barrière and Eduard Márquez. Online project at another timbre.(2014)
  • porisma número 1, by Lali Barrière. One minute track at Microtopies, Ràdio Pica, 96.6 fm Barcelona. (2013)
  • for all epsilon and breadth first traversal, by Lali Barrière. Guitaret compositions for the compilation The Guitaret Album. (2013)
  • imaginària, by Lali Barrière. imaginària is a 5 minutes composition. It has been published as part of the La Escucha Atenta compilation sonidos en recesión. (2013)
  • cartridge music, by John Cage. Performance at Arts Santa Mònica, with Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Ferran Fages, Juan Matos Capote, Nuno Rebelo. (2012)
  • zona franca, by Lali Barrière. zona franca is a 40 minutes octophonic composition. The sound material is basically composed of the field recordings of the archive Barcelona So Límit, in combination with amplified objects in one of the three parts of the piece. Premiered at CCCB, at the festival zeppelin 2012 opening.
  • radi d'or, by Ferran Fages. Performance and recording, as part of the Ferran Fages Ensemble, with Ferran Fages, Tom Chant, Olga Ábalos and Pilar Subirà. laptop, programming (Pure Data). (2011)
  • octofònic per a granotes i sinusoïdals, by Ferran Fages. programming (Pure Data) for a research project and recording by Ferran Fages. (2010)
  • Lullaby for Lali, by Ferran Fages. Guitaret, metallophone and electronics. Arrangements in Lullaby Acoustic. (2010)